International Women's Day

We would like to honour today's International Women's Day by sharing with you some of our books by some of our female writers.

Since today is the International Women's Day, we would like to share with you few of the works written by some of the female writters in our catalogue. We hope these titles will be of inspiration to you as much as they have been for us. As always, please feel free to ask for further materials.

In The Land of Dionysius
María Belmonte
True to Kazantzakis’s words, “Every perfect traveller always creates the country where he travels”, María Belmonte conceives and re-creates Macedonia in the north of Greece, revealing it to her readers as a melancholic and mysterious land but also as exuberant as sunny Greece, and full of corners capable of offering moments of true exaltation. A frontier landscape which, for Belmonte, does not only consist of dividing lines but also fascinating zones where different realities, both material and spiritual, flow together. The result is an extraordinary story combining history, journeys, anthropology, and literature woven together by summoning up images, memories, readings, legends, and people, doing justice to a region that has been, and continues to be nothing less than a meeting point between two worlds, East and West.

417 pages

Pilgrims of beauty, rights sold to Martins Editora Livraria (Portuguese, Brasil)


Ways of Leaving
Sònia Hernández
The thirteen stories of this volume ponder several forms of loss, including those that come with the passing of the years, with the death of loved ones, and with the feeling of estrangement from the world. They are all different expressions of a sensibility that is constantly driving Hernández to write as she also pays intimate homage to people who endure in her memory and places to which nostalgia allows her to return. Easily recognisable in the succinct prose of these stories, resounding once again with echoes of the despair and humour that are so typical of literature of the absurd, is Hernández’s highly personal voice, one that has brought her awards for the poetry and fiction she has published in Spanish.

152 pages
English sample available

Los Pissimboni, rights sold to Partizanska knjiga d.o.o (Serbian)
El hombre que se creía Vicente Rojo, rights sold to Scribe (English Australia)


Marta Carnicero
Joel lives in the Waldens, an idyllic community which, tucked away in a natural setting, rejects mobile phones and the latest technologies. Fascinated by a newcomer called Alina, and wanting to become acquainted with her, he starts sending a series of letters to himself but to her address. The plan works until one day he receives a letter that he has not written, with contents suggesting that the sender knows him better than he knows himself. As Joel and Alina’s relationship develops, mistakes proliferate, as do the threats of a saboteur who is obsessed with coming between them. Slowly and without envisaging it, Joel becomes immersed in a world of mirrors where a person’s reflection is more real than it seems.

240 pages
English sample available

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