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Gil Bera

Eduardo Gil Bera (b. Tudela, 1957) has translated works by Montaigne, Rilke, Joseph Roth, Sloterdijk, Morgenstern, Hölderlin, Ungaretti, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and John Stuart Mill. He is the author of the following novels: As We Go Along (1996), I Love You All (1997), Everything Comes to an End (2000), Torralba (2002, Alfonso X the Wise Prize); and the following essays: The Hay Cart (1995, Miguel de Unamuno Prize), Landscape with Fissures. On Ancient Literatures, Treatises and Human Contracts (1999), Baroja or Fear (2001), Stoic Thought (2002), A History of Bad Ideas (2003, Euskadi Prize), The Sentence of the Arms (2007), Nobody is Even a Name. A Summary of the Homer Case (2012), This Rotten Literature. Fifteen Biographical Essays on Joseph Roth (Acantilado, 2015) and You Won’t Find the Life You Are Looking For. Gilgamesh and Ancient Epic (2017).