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Ramón Andrés

Philosophy and the Consolation of Music

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September 2020

1168 pages

Essay, Music

Original Title: Filosofía y consuelo de la música

In this extraordinary book, Ramón Andrés converses with authors of the past while offering, in a way that is new in Spanish studies, a history of the philosophy of music. Following Boethius, who spoke of the “consolation of philosophy”, Andrés writes about the “consolation of music”, offering a text that is both wise and approachable in which the reader will discover that writing about music is not only a way of prolonging the consolation, but also of keeping our inalienable reserve of freedom.


Premio Nacional de Ensayo 2021


“One way of considering this book without being overwhelmed by its infinite erudition and dimensions is to think about it as a stroll through the agora, letting the undisciplined ear be consoled in this conversation, in that speech, or simply in the wind solo rising from the arris of this or that temple. The atmosphere of the teeming, lively agora is appropriate because this book is a huge colloquium in which the participants are almost everyone who, at some or other time, has said something intelligent about music.”
Álvaro Guibert, El Cultural

“This book is an exquisite rarity. Who but Ramón Andrés would be able to offer us such a complete, original volume that brings together not only philosophy and music but also many other disciplines?”
Jordi Llavina, La Vanguardia

“An astonishing, fascinating display of erudition.”
Francisco R. Pastoriza, Faro de Vigo

“Ramón Andrés’ erudition inspires a logical amazement. I believe this sense of wonder is an integral part of the appeal of his books.”
Stefano Russomanno, Scherzo

“Ramón Andrés adds a narrative tone of evident literary resonance, accompanying and enhancing the reading of the thousand pages of this book.”
Alejandro Martínez, Platea Magazine

“A biography of human life from the corner of music, from the place that most connects people with their own being, with others, and with existence itself. A history turned into a story where knowledge and wisdom are treated with tenderness, clarity, and narrative harmony.”
Winston Manrique Sabogal, WMagazín

“Ramón Andrés’ research is a long, highly detailed journey through the history of Europe, guided by the desire to understand two of the endeavours that have made it the way it is: philosophy and music. No one who appreciates a job well done will find, anywhere in this long quest, a single reason for complaint.”
José María Herrera, Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos

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September 2020

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Essay, Music