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Oscar Tusquets

Oscar Tusquets Blanca (b. Barcelona, 1941) is an architect, designer, painter and writer. He is in fact the prototype of the complete artist, a figure that the specialisation promoted in the modern world has progressively brought to extinction. On the basis of his professional career, he has been awarded numerous prizes, amongst them the National Design Prize, the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts, the Order of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and the Cross of Sant Jordi. Besides this, he has two City of Barcelona Prizes and various FADs of Architecture and Deltas of Design. In 1994 he began to bring out essays, beginning with More than Dubious. Later on, he published several books: Everything is Comparable, God Sees It and Against Nakedness, and, in 2003, Dalí and Other Friends and Anna. In 2012 there appeared his memories of infancy, Times that Were, written together with his sister, Esther Tusquets. He is also the principal author of Requiem for a Staircase and of the book entitled simply The Staircase, published in France and England. Acantilado has published his Amiable Personalities (2014) and Making a Final Version (2019).