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Mauricio Wiesenthal

Mauricio Wiesenthal was born in Barcelona in 1943. Author of many books, he has also been a lecturer in Cultural History and a guest speaker in several universities. His titles include Imagen de España (Image of Spain, 1984), which Golo Mann described as “a contribution to European culture comparable with Ortega y Gasset’s essays”. In La belle époque del Orient Express (The belle époque of the Orient Express, 1979) he evokes the history and legend of the most famous train of all time. In 1985 he published the novel El testamento de Nobel (Nobel’s Will) which, in the words of Camilo José Cela is “brimming with talent and, what is even more difficult, brimming with culture”. A passionate traveller, he has published travel books and studies on pre-Colombian cultures and Latin-American countries.