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Francesc Trabal

In addition to articles such as those in the volume With Your Face to the Wall, Francesc Trabal (Sabadell, 1899 – Santiago de Xile, 1957), a cofounder of the group La Mirada, published a first book, described as “impetuous and perfidious,” entitled Next Year (1925; Quaderns Crema, 1983), and then seven novels. Six of them have been republished by Quaderns Crema: The Man Who Got Lost (1929; Quaderns Crema, 1982), Quo Vadis, Sànchez? (1931; Quaderns Crema, 1988), She Was a Woman Just Like the Rest (1932; Quaderns Crema, 1994), There Are Men Who Weep Because the Sun Goes Down (1933; Quaderns Crema, 1987), Waltz (1935; Quaderns Crema, 1998) and Temperature (1947; Quaderns Crema, 1986). Quaderns Crema has also published the volumes entitled Novels (I) (2017) and Novels (II) (2018).

The work of the daring, brilliant storyteller, Francesc Trabal, is of a timeless modernity. With shrewd irony and humour that is often absurd and corrosive, and in his elegant style combining the best of classicism and the avant-garde, he was able to capture the emptiness and lack of fulfilment of human relations in well-to-do society of the beginning of the twentieth century.