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Francesc Serés

Francesc Serés (b. Saidí, 1972) is the author of The Entrails of the Earth (2000), The Tree Without a Trunk (2001) and A Tongue of Lead (Quaderns Crema, 2002), published together in the trilogy Of Dung and Marble (Quaderns Crema, 2003), winner of the 2007 National Literature Prize. In 2006 he published The Power of Gravity, winner of the National Literature Prize and the Crítica Serra d’Or Prize (also published by Quaderns Crema, 2008), Russian Tales (Quaderns Crema, 2009), which won the City of Barcelona Prize and the Critics’ Prize, as well as Biting the Apple (Quaderns Crema, 2012) and The Skin of the Frontier (Quaderns Crema, 2014), winner of the Crítica Serra d’Or for Narrative Prize, 2015, his two most recent books. He has been translated into several languages.